Curious Case of Angela Merkel:: “Love thy neighbour…An Angel…Germany! Germany!””

“When it comes to humanity, we cannot make compromises” Angela Merkel

Until recently i was not particularly a big fan of Angela especially her handling of Euro Crises and indoctrination of German principles on the rest of Europe. But in the past few weeks Angela has reinvented herself and has been a paragon of humanity worldwide.

But in the past few weeks, Angela has cemented her place as a great humanitarian and a guardian angel of peace and humanity. Angela has not only changed the course of history but changed the perception of Germans…..Going forward Germans should always be remembered for the compassion, generosity and largesse shown towards refugees especially from Syria.

The great part of Angela is that she has been the saviour of a crises created by United States. Today’s problems in the Middle East is a result age long tactics of Americans to divide especially the Arab world on religion for capitalist’s gains. The invasion of Iraq and the blotched attempt by Americans to resurrect the situation in Iraq has only created rise of fundamentalism and hatred.

The crisis in Middle East has resulted in a huge refugee outflow with Europe being one of the places of shelter. Germany has received a total of  296,710 applications for asylum especially from Syria over the last year and has the best treatment of refugees in Europe barring Sweden. Scandinavian countries esp. Sweden and Denmark have always been a paragon of best practises of humans on this planet.

Source: Google and above mentioned sources

Angela is a great leader because  “ A great leader is not the one who makes popular decisions but right humane decisions”. Initially giving shelter to refugees might hurt a bit of taxpayer money but in the long run they will always be grateful and in response work hard and be loyal for generations to come. They will become model citizens; add value and productivity in Germany ultimately helping Germany and their respective countries. The refugees should be trained on specific skills sets to empower and make them independent. It’s time the rest of Europe esp. Britain to follow Angela’s initiative on refugees and become role models.

However giving asylum to refugees is not an end to the problem. The problem which lies in Middle East has to be removed from its root. The world has to get united especially United States whose mistakes over the past 50 years has resulted in more casualties than any other country. The good part in United States is that most of the Americans do not associate themselves with hate but with rise of Donald Trump i am not sure. It’s time for America to look at itself and understand the legacy which it has given the world apart from technology and innovation… crises,wars but in the end hate and fear (thanks to George Bush and company). In recent times the best thing for Americans has been President Obama. But with his tenure coming to an end next year, it’s time for people in America to come together, elect a leader who is compassionate like Angela Merkel and rebuild America on doctrines of great people like Abraham Lincoln.

Photo of a dead Syrian refugee boy washed ashore

Thanks to all the leading publications for giving positive coverage to the refugee problem. In the end how many lives are to be lost until we learn from our mistakes.  you are my hero and i am ready to follow you till eternity …..

You are an angel and a great humanitarian. You will go down in history as one if not the greatest leaders of our time and truly deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. Angela, Jesus is with you and loves you…

Chants of Germany Germany by refugees in Budapest shows that you have already rewritten history of Germany and restored the glory of a great nation. Germans from today will not only known for engineering skills and soccer but as great humans.

Keep going and rewrite history not for Germans but for humanity……in the end religion is humanity ……………………………………………………………………………………

Please forward this article for the sake of humanity

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By Nishant Malhotra aka Nish……………………………..

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