Curious Case of Fitness: Afterburn to Diet..

bruce-lee-bruce-lee-32792002-500-492Hello Everyone this is my first note on fitness.

Many people around the world go to gym for various reasons which ranges from losing weight, to tone body, gain  muscle mass or just vanilla option to stay fit and healthy. As a veteran of fitness i will share some tips and two very important videos including one by Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts.

Before we go to afterburn theory which shows why weight training not only increases your strength but also helps to burn higher calories than cardio exercises, we need to consider one very important aspect. No matter how much you exercise the most important aspect along with training is diet. A high protein diet which includes meat ( for non vegetarians), vegetables including green vegetables, milk, eggs ( the best form of protein) along with whey protein always helps. Rich source of carbohydrates like brown rice and brown bread are a must since you need energy to lift weights. It’s always better to divide your daily meal into small 6-7 meals although it might be difficult to maintain it if you have long hours of work..

But then if there is a will there is a way. 

Let’s begin by watching one of my favourite actors Matthew McConaughey who lost a lot of weight in his Oscar performance in Dallas Buyers Club. 

tom-hardy-15Afterburn theory suggests that by lifting weights with proper form you tend to burn fats for much longer period as compared to cardio in which you burn fats as long as you run. Cardio is very important since it builds stamina and strength, it goes in tandem with weight training.

In end remember you need good Sergio-Olivasleep and rest for your muscles to rebuild since you break them during gymming. Body is after-all a reflection of your mind and a healthy mind build a healthy body.

( Sergio Oliva on the side pic. The greatest bodybuilder of all time in my humble opinion). To wrap up my article, work out your schedule, experiment and see what best suits your body since what works with me might not work with you. If you struggle in the beginning to do not get worried and never give up because its ALRIGHT.. ALRIGHT.. ALRIGHT..

Please leave your comments…alright alright alright

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