Buddha: SammaSambuddha “The Enlightened One”

Lord Buddha (2)

The dude was sitting and contemplating the meaning of his website the Middle Path and thinking deeply on his favorite story about an Indian prince from India.

Long ago in India there was a prince who renounced all worldly pleasures to discover the truth. The young prince left his kingdom and traveled around the northern part of India practicing different meditations and rituals in search of the eternal truth.  It had been almost 6 years since he had renounced his princely life and had started his epic journey for the search of truth. He had mastered all forms of meditation including the eight absorption meditation technique and no one in India had until then been able to even come close to him in achieving the high meditative states and purity which he had achieved. But he knew he still had not removed the dormant impurities from the mind (known as Anushka in pali i.e. impurities from the endless previous births) and would always move in the lokas i.e. the thirty one planes of existence in this universe after his death.

As the young prince walked towards the Bodhi tree, he felt refreshed after a long time. He reflected on his past years and the reason behind the misery which was the catalyst for his search for eternal peace and truth. For the past few years he had been looking for the reason of the misery and thought the origin and cessation of miserly lied outside. For some time he had been living a very hard life of an ascetic which included self mortification to the limit where he had almost died of starvation and survived due to the offering of Kheer (a very popular pudding of milk and rice in India) by lady named Sujata.He had realised the fallacy of living a life of extreme self mortification since he had lost the balance of mind. He concluded & accepted the fact that extremes were not the right path and adapted the moderate path based on his experience. He started to take limited food so he could gain strength in both mind and body and called the moderate path: The Middle Path. 

It was late in the evening now as he sat in lotus position for meditation and took a vow (Adhitana in pali for determination)  that whatever happens he will not open or change his posture until he had removed all the impurities of mind and attained the truth. As he sat down for meditation under the Bodhi tree by concentrating on his breath, he decided to forget all the different meditation techniques of the past and restart his spiritual search from scratch. He reinvented himself as he went into deep concentration by focusing on his breath; innovated and went within himself in search of truth. The more he explored himself deep within, the more he became aware, aware of an insight about himself, insight about the cause of miserly and the path to cessation of misery

Meanwhile in another plane, Mara the deva responsible for all misery and sensual pleasures among all beings in this universe was feeling very sad and upset that the young meditator would soon become Enlightened and leave his domain. In order to disrupt the young meditator and instil fear in him, Mara came along with the most dreadful creatures from all the different planes. But even then Mara could not influence or disrupt the young meditator who REMAINED steady in his deep meditative state. Frustrated Mara quit and went back to his heavenly abode where his three daughters of surpassing beauty became alarmed when they saw their father unhappy. They decided to descend to Earth and seduce the young meditator. As they danced and tried to seduce the young meditator, the young meditator touched the ground as a witness that he has pure and beyond the influence of any sensual pleasure.

He could no longer generate even a micro atom of impurity and the three seductresses left. Just before the meditator became Enlightened, he got the faculty to see all his previous births. He saw his countless births since the beginning of time and had realised the four Noble truths of misery and suffering. He realised that the reason of misery lies within oneself, rediscovered the insightful meditation to come out of misery and realised that everything is impermanent. He was no longer Gautama; he had experienced The Nibbana, an experience beyond any dimensions, so powerful that all impurities of mind had been annihilated and no impurity could ever be generated in mind again. With all sense doors broken, Gautama had become “The Awakened One” or “The Enlightened One” in a few hours. The Enlightened One knew he would never experience any misery again and would never be born again in any of the thirty one dimensions.

Gautama had become Samma Sambuddha or the Supreme Self Enlightened Buddha.  Gautama had become The Exalted One, The Supreme Being and The Teacher of Devas.

As the dude reflected back on Lord Buddha’s story, he wondered how to follow the Middle Path in 21st century. How would a lay or normal person instil discipline to follow a moderate path especially in a very cynical and deceitful world? Although the Middle Path of avoiding self mortification and self indulgence is the same, how would one incorporate the same in everyday life as a professional since everyone cannot become a monk? Everyone neither had the capacity nor the deeds to become liberated. How to help those who just want to live a holistic life..

Would the Middle Path be same for all or was it relative considering the socio economic differences between countries and people..Is The Middle Path Evolving?? How to interpret The Middle Path correctly??The answer is out there but the journey would be a long one..It will not be a easy ride but then the best way of living a peaceful and progressive life from experience is The Middle Path..

The dude knows it will be a long, epic journey but then it was worth taking one..


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