Founder of The Khalsa: Guru Gobind Singh, Nanded & Essence of a Sardar

Guru Gobind SinghjiThe Guru was formidable in appearance with breathtakingly handsome face, charming personality backed by supreme intelligence and strength. The Guru was legendary in martial arts, connoisseur of fine arts and literature, a poet par excellence, multilingual and spoke many languages including Urdu & Persian.

He had defended himself against all the enemies CHIEFLY the Mughals. The Guru was divinely spiritual and always used diplomacy and brotherhood for peace. However he was forced to take up arms to not only defend himself and his family but the whole mankind to uphold justice, and the universal right to chose a spiritual path.

His father, the ninth Guru; Guru Tegh Bahadur was killed by the Mughals when he choose not to convert his belief and also Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons including two of them aged eight years and nine years.

Guru NanakThe Guru was an embodiment of courage, bravery, compassion and a master strategist. The Guru had defeated armies which were ten times his own army’s size and treated prisoners and enemies with utmost kindness. Side photo of Guru Nanak ( the first Guru for Sikhs)

While Guru was resting in Nanded, two would be assassins stabbed him from behind. The Guru survived the attack but was seriously injured. The Guru would breathe his last a few days later while he was stringing his bow. Before Breathing his last he declared Guru Granth Sahib ( The final sovereign truth) as the eternal Guru for the Sikhs and shot his bow to decided his final resting place. The bow fell in Hazur Sahib in Nanded where today Hazur Sahib Gurudwara is built. The Gurudwara within the compound is also known as Sachkhand Gurudwara which means realms of truth.

Till the very end Guru’s face remained peaceful, equanimous and radiated divine blessings.  The GURU was the tenth Guru for Sikhs..Guru Gobind Singh- The Founder of Khalsa ( The holy warrior saints) and one of the greatest spiritual Guru’s ever born in this world.

Hazur Sahib Gurudwara is in Nanded , a small town in Maharashtra India, which is considered one of the most holy places for Sikhs worldwideIMG_20150910_184350.There are number of Gurudwaras in Nanded with Hazur Sahib Nanded as the most significant for the Sikhs. One can reach Nanded through trains or buses and then take an auto or tuck-tuck  from the station.

To begin with the Gurudwara is absolutely beautiful and clean. Elegantly designed it personifies grandeur befitting Guru Gobind Singh and was built by the great king Ranjit Singh in Guru Gobind Singh’s honour. It has a very big courtyard with a some trees and benches where you can sit and meditate or pray. The main Gurudwara is where everyone goes to pray or read Guru Granth Sahib, The eternal words for Sikhs. The decorum of the place is very holistic, with serenity all around the place.

The Hazur Sahib Gurudwara is very well supported by charity and grants from government and has very decent accommodation for all pilgrims and visitors. There is a very beautiful arrangement within the premises of Gurudwara for families at very reasonable prices which includes AC rooms for Rs 500. There are quite a few accommodations out outside the main premises which are also very clean. IMG_20150910_124751

The Gurudwara is surrounded by shops which sell books, paraphernalia for Sikhs as well as refreshments. Sikhs ( are Punjabis, a very prominent IMG_20150910_192209place in India) are known for Lassi and Parathas. While there are plenty of placesIMG_20150910_192301 to eat  Parathas but sadly there are very few places to drink Lassi. This is somIMG_20150910_192222something which i feel needs to be implemented since Guru Gobind Singh used to drink lot of Lassi and Buttermilk, a highly nutritious drink made of fermented curd.  There is a Langar within the premises which is open for 24 hours all round the year. Langar or free kitchen is a place where everyone irrespective of religion, caste or social status can come and have food. The visitors are served by permanent staff as well as volunteers who come from around the world to pay their respects IMG_20150911_184208and work selflessly to carry forward a great legacy of the Sikh Gurus.  I had a wonderful few days in the Gurudwara where i meditated, reflect on myself while served for a few hours daily in the Langar. The best part of the service was the dedication with which children worked personifying joy and enthusiasm . In a country like India, where majority of people are poor , this is a great tradition.

The food is purely vegetarian and everyone serves with compassion and selflessness. LangarIMG_20150911_183903 is actually a symbol of brotherhood started by Guru Nanak and reinforced by Guru Gobind Singh as a symbol of humanitarian goodness so that everyone could eat together symbolising close relations among people from different communities. There is a story that once during the time of Guru Gobind Singh, Langar which totally works on charity was short of funds. People close to Guru Gobind Singh decided to drop the quality of the food while separately cooking high quality food for Guru and his family. When IMG_20150908_160559Guru Gobind Singh came to know this he was deeply upset and admonished never to repeat the mistake again compromising on Langar food. Furthermore he instructed that he and his family will only have the food which was served IMG_20150911_183920in Langar. This extraordinary simplicity of Guru Gobind Singh, is highly valued and respected.Furthermore Guru instructed not to worry about money for such a charitable cause. The nature has given a boon that as long as world will exist, no Langar in any Gurdwara will go empty. Micarously for the last 300 years it has turned out to be true and will always continue to do so till eternity. Some of the pictures are attached which includes myself and other volunteers serving in Langar.  I also served for a few hours in the chappal store and the experience was very rewarding. The significance of serving as a volunteer is to drop your ego, be one with all irrespective of your background while working without expecting anything in return. This builds compassion and love for mankind as stressed by All Sikh Gurus.

There are many more Gurdwaras near Hazur Sahib ( attached pic of one near the river Godavari from where Guru Gobind Singh shot his final arrow)  while inset the beautiful garden where a one hour story of all the Sikh Guru’s is played with laser beam. When i had gone it was not operational for a few days but no worries since iIMG_20150908_201045IMG_20150910_175439 plan to regularly visit Nanded going forward. To wrap up there is small library in international guest house close to Gurudwara. The whole experience was very enlightening as i have travelled around India and abroad to spiritual places. I feel deeply indebted to my friend in Nanded for inviting and helping me to settle in Nanded. May he be happy and peaceful.

I have started wearing a Kara which is one of the 5 symbols directed by Guru Gobind Singh for Khalsa.

Kara ( a bracelet)  signifies a man who is spiritual and who has sworn to protect others including women from injustice. Kara is by essence one of10402964_648520291957716_5143828159914157373_n the key symbols of  a Sardar. So what is the meaning of Sardar.

A Sardar or Khalsa is a spiritual person who not only will follow the path of righteousness but also defend others irrespective of their religion, caste or status while upholding honour of women, fights injustice & promote fine arts and social causes.  Guru’s army ( spiritual warriors) included people from around the world and religions which remains unprecedented till now. Spiritual warriors included Afghans, Muslims, Christians and Han Chinese. Guru Gobind Singh’s personality was so mesmerising that even people from China who had come to meet the Guru in the end joined Guru Gobind Singh’s army in order to defend him against the Mughals. There was an amalgamation of martial arts between China and India during this time. Guru Gobind Singh was one of the greatest proponents of martial arts, could catch arrows with lightening speed and no arrow shot at him escape this grasp. Guru Gobind was also very well versed in history including Chinese history & culture and considered Spiritual Leaders Confucius and Laozi in very high regard. (Citation needed)

Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his life including all his children to defend the honour of people including Muslims so they could live a happy and moral life. All his life he tried to spread peace, harmony as well as proliferation of fine arts. The book Zafarnama, a letter the Guru sent to Emperor Aurangzeb his arch enemy,  rebuking the Emperor’s efforts to kill IMG_20150908_153342him, remains one of the greatest treasures in mankind. All the ten Sikh Gurus preached universal brotherhood, equality of mankind irrespective of caste based on concept of oneness of GOD..

Sikhs were the first people who gave equal status to women. A true Sardar never instigates a fight but only takes up arms to defend himself as the last resort. Guru Gobind Singh’s life will forever inspire people to fight injustice, to live a holistic life filled with courage, to built both spiritual and mental strength to defend against adversaries, to live a life of universal brotherhood backed by intellect, promote fine arts and creativity.

Sadly today people esp. some Indians make fun of Sardar especially barah baj gaye. (12 o’clock ).The origin of this joke is the strategy adopted by Guru Gobind Singh since he had a very small army as compared to his enemies and had to take the cover of darkness to surprise his enemies. Under the cover of darkness and Guru Gobind Singh’s leadership, one of the most courageous and skilled fighting forces ever assembled on this planet, unleaded chaos among his enemies.

Sadly many Indians have forgotten the essence of the meaning of Sardar and do not know what all Sikh Guru’s stood for. Sikh regiment is the highest decorated regiment in terms of gallantry awards in Indian Army and was one of the highest decorated regiments under British rule. They have in essence defined the meaning of Khalsa which is courage and honour.

IMG_20150910_113701A very good book for reference is Guru Gobind Singh: The Founder Of The Khalsa: The Life and Times of  Guru Gobind Singh by Amardeep Dahiya which is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

I have started a petition and it would be great if you would sign it so we stop making fun of one of the greatest humanitarians and spiritual Gurus Of India.

The petition below. Although i am a spiritualist and follow words of Lord Buddha, it is and always will be an honour to born as a Punjabi. The essence of a Sardar will never be forgotten for Guru Gobind Singh will remain one of the greatest humanitarians to have ever been born along with the other Sikh Guru’s in tradition of Guru Nanak. I bow down in honour..

Last words of Guru Gobind Singh in Punjabi..defines in short victory of Khalsa and the eternal truth  which implies victory of good over evil or in general removal of impurities of mind and to live  a wholesome life.

baani guruan ‘di hai main ‘guru’ bana chaleya, …
Tuhanu hasde dekhan laye main…’sarbans’ luta chaleya,…..
Vairi naal larhan laye tuhanu…’sher’ bana chaliya,…
Tuhanu fateh mile, ‘ main fateh bula chaliya’…!
Waheguru ji da khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh……

The laser show at Takhat Sachkand Shri Hazur Sahib

A petition has been filed separately in Supreme Court

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