One for Underprivileged Children..

Wanted to share my experience with partially blind and underprivileged children near my school. I have been visiting this school occasionally since 2013 and have been very regular for the past few months.

11899999_638033159673096_4210720932703029498_nI go there regularly to teach English and History about two to three times per week. Well to begin with its not easy since i do not speak fluently the regional language marathi and becomes a bit difficult to connect sometimes with a few of the students. I have to be creative since i cannot use the blackboard. I started by explaining past, present and future tense and how to converse in day to day english. Some of my students have picked up while some of them have been struggling. I am thinking how to be more creative. Will it help to use audio11988710_645447362265009_7858528189713918346_n  tapes? But then i will need Hindi tapes explaining words in English.

All the children are from underprivileged background and the school is works on charity. The food is very decent and is served at 6.10pm sharp.  The food is usually vegetarian and nutritious. The school has a playground in the back of the school which includes toys for children to play with. The children travel outside the 11954609_644229682386777_7035041835539559378_nschool premises on11954573_644229762386769_267944378489284320_nce very week while go to regularly for swimming on Sunday for swimming in a pool nearby. (Had gone with them long time back).

This is a very good experience since it is very different from teaching in business schools. I need to reinvent myself and try to find  a way to find a more effective way to reach out to a few of them.

I try to motivate them by discussing stories of great Indian spiritual leaders & statesmen. In my last week i had discussed Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh.  Time for the dude to sleep soon..


The Quintessential Dude 


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