Russia, Alexander Popov & Michael Moore

yaroslav-state-autumn-park-novgorod-russia-1680x1050Interesting video about Russia. I guess many of us really do not know much about many facts about countries except what is portrayed by western media. (Side pic Yaroslav State Park)


Check out this video about Russia. The metro station looks much better than the one in Singapore, which is the cleanest metro I have ever been in my life. Looks like you have entered a world class museum. I am stunned by the photos. The country is blessed with natural resources, has abundant talent both in science and sports and some of the most beautiful & athletic women.

alexanderpopov-narrowweb-200x250My favorite athlete of all time is the swimming champion Alexander Popov, the greatest swimming sensation of all time. He possessed the best physique with dashing handsome looks but the greatest gift, an indefatigable spirit. He was stabbed by people in Moscow but he still went on to defend and win medals at both European and Olympics. He is the only swimmer in history, male or female, to win four individual Olympic gold medals in freestyle events.

If I were Putin I would declare him a national treasure although he is much more priceless. Alexander Popov could help India so much in swimming if he was made the national coach  for swimming in India. Any amount of compensation to Popov will be less for the expertise he would bring to the table.

alex_popov3I grew up admiring Popov as a hero although I am myself an awful swimmer. We have so much of talent in India but don’t get adequate coaching…However with Mr Modi as our Prime Minister we hope, hope that India will reach a part of its former glory.
The Dude salutes Popov and wishes him well. Popov has not only done Russia proud but influenced a generation of people around the world. Be happy and hopefully coach other athletes to reach their potential. Its a tragedy that you have less than 1000 likes on Facebook. To give everyone a better perspective look at the number of followers of Kardashian. It just goes to show the awareness, knowledge and IQ of people. We live in tragic times. Coming to the topic of immigrants in America, interestingly Sergy Brin of Google is a Russian Immigrant and he played such a decisive role in building the greatest technological company of modern era. Pic source:

11232068-largeThere are still some Mavericks in America like Michael Moore, the legendary filmmaker who has directed documentaries like Fahrenheit 9 11 apart from other classics, who wants to bring a positive change in America. Fahrenheit 9 11 is a must watch  for anyone to get a better perspective about WTC attacks. Other great documentaries by him are Sicko and Capitalism A Love Story. Just to recap

Please see the documentaries in the following order

    Fahrenheit 9 11


    Capitalism A Love Story

After you have watched all the three documentaries, your perspective might change a bit. The Dude salutes Michael Moore for his creativity, courage and plain simple logic.

The documentaries are freely available on YouTube in India not sure about other countries. Michael Moore great quote…What is Capitalism in America? Michael succinctly puts in Its Legalized Greed. Its Ponzi scheme.

In America the richest 1% of people have more wealth than the bottom 95%.

Above pic Michael Moore Wake up my friends.

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