One for San Bernardino, California…Hope Floats

The recent massacre in California again highlights the proliferation of guns in American culture irregardless whether it is a terrorist attack as termed by FBI. Deaths due to guns in America has become such a regular feature that everyone is sad, tired and helpless. Sometime BACK President Obama’s has urged the public to do research on deaths due to guns which resulted in my article on the same.  I was surprised on the amount of data available on internet and still not many articles are published on the subject.   Pic above Source NYtimes.<!–keep reading –more–>

The article Curious Case of Guns In America: A Quantitative Analysis dated October 21/ 2015  published here analysis and quantifies the number of deaths due to guns viz a viz wars in America. The deaths by guns is only from the data published since 1968 and still is more than the deaths of Americans in all wars in the last 200 years.

One can argue that I am not an American and its none of my business to write about this topic. I grew up admiring America and still admire America and have many friends and relatives in America. Moreover my role models like the great Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan to name a few important ones are Americans, people with exemplary spirituality, humanitarianism, talent and creativity. The country which has give so much to the world also has some glaring issues to be addressed too. I think its time that American media did much more about this issue. Its good to know that New York Times has finally taken out a front page article on Gun Control.

Please read this article recently published by New York Times.

One can give very ridiculous arguments against gun control and a wise man does not go into arguments,  so its time all Americans took a hard look at facts…This should be my last article on this topic since numbers speak the truth…

Hope Floats…Let there be peace & harmony


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