Prime Minister Shinzo Abe makes a landmark apology: Agrees with Dude

15japan-ww2-shinzo-abe-master1050Japan’s Apologies for World War II ATROCITIES against comfort women to South Korea 

Recently Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a landmark apology to South Korean “comfort women” coerced into Japanese military brothels before and during World War II, with his government agreeing to provide 1 billion yen ($8.3 million) to a fund for compensating victims. Source Bloomberg…Pic:

This is a great stride forward and efforts of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe must be applauded and hope much more humanitarian initiatives must be taken to maintain peace and harmony.

I had discussed the same in my landmark paper The Curious Case of Of Defeat of Fascism: Hope Floats For Peace. (Refer to research section on this blog…)

In the above paper I had argued the virtues of an apology on behalf of Japanese Government and compensation for the victims. I can deeply empathize with the sufferings of comfort women and maybe the scars will remain forever, still this is a very judicious step forward by Mr. Abe and also applaud Mr Obama for encouraging the change. The monetary compensation could have been higher and Japanese Government could have personally honored the surviving comfort women but at-least the wheel has been set rolling. Needless to say that apology should not only be for South Korean comfort women but must also be made to comfort women from other countries.  

I hope Mr Abe will do much more going forward to help the cause of empowering women and no wonder he has been the most decisive Prime Minister in recent times in Japan which include his initiatives to booster Japanese economy. 

Well Done Mr Abe!!! By apologizing for past mistakes, one doesn’t grow small but only tall. I also want to personally thank myself and my family for standing behind me when I wrote the article  “Curious Case of Of Defeat of Fascism: Hope Floats For Peace”. 

Either someone very higher up is reading my blog ( haha) or Heavens / Brahmanic planes are with me…But seriously they are…

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