The Plan Ahead…2016

Greetings To All My Readers!!! A Happy and Peaceful 2016

Apologies for writing this note a bit late considering was busy with prior commitments as well as fine tuning my vision ahead both personally and professionally. First what to expect here in 2016…

The blog as you can see is evolving into a website with other categories coming up. The inspiration for this blog was long overdue but materialized when I wrote the benchmark report Curious Case of China Equity Markets. Considering no one wanted to publish full or part of the report made me look at other avenues. LinkedIn and Medium blogs are great to publish your articles and papers but a deep desire to have my own blog to share my thoughts with everyone started the whole process. Initial encouragement from parents and a few friends and then global endorsement from many, encouraged me innovate and evolve it into a website. Check Reports section to view landmark reports. No wonder the ride would have been much smoother if I had got help but then no worries.

                     “They alone live, who live for others.” Ven. Swami Vivekananda 

Its time to start living for myself and my parents.

The renewed focus this year would be to publish high quality research papers as well as tutorials to proliferate knowledge and well being in a holistic manner. The model of this website has been to give back to the world the best I can (its a iterative progress and will evolve slowly) free of cost as much as possible. The verdict on this is out there. More than 6400 hits averaging a bit more than 1000 hits per month, United States second to India as the most accessed place …Leave it to all of you…It would really help if you do refer my website to your friends in case you like what you read here and believe in yourself.  Not sure why it is not translating to subscriptions or like on my Facebook page beats me…

The blog has evolved from articles which include a personal journey ( will cover this later) to articles which range from topics which include Science & Technology, Social and Humanitarian Causes, Creativity, Finance & Economics, Qualitative Analysis to both Personal and Spiritual Well being to name a few. Considering I am all alone ( thanks to my mother for proof reading some of my articles), have tried to cover as many topics I can to spread awareness both on intellectual and social causes.  All articles carry a message…a message which celebrates humanity encompassing hope, positivism, well being, science & knowledge to aid in triumph of mankind.     

This year again a lot of emphasis will be on the above mentioned topics especially Social and Humanitarian Causes, Creativity, Science & Technology and Spiritualism. Physical well being is also very important but will play second fiddle to the rest of the topics.

Surprise section would be coming up so stay tuned…

Some of my articles on blog are personal since they cover the journey we all are taking…i.e. the journey to live a happy, fulfilling and moral life. Its only when we are happy and peaceful, can we spread the same all around us. Neither I am perfect neither are you (maybe some of you might be in your own world) and to accept that is a triumph in itself. Perfections are Enlightened beings and that’s what we all must aspire to do so. We all try our own ways to come out of misery, impurities of mind to live a judicious and moral life and I am trying my own way. The question one should ask is did I make any progress on the path of personal development and growth. I missed some milestones while exceeded in some of them. The path to liberation is a long path …a path across endless lives…the path is is not a liner path but a wave. You have to keep on trying… It all depends how mindful you are and how strictly you follow the moral precepts…Lets visit this at a latter date.

Going forward there would be less articles of my personal experience unless they have a holistic message for everyone.

Lets Structure 2015 

Website/ Blog: Exceeded the dude’s expectations. Never though it would pan out the way it has done but then isn’t everything impermanent which means evolving. Isn’t our thoughts so impermanent…Ponder over this at leisure

Research: Here missed my benchmark and needs to be the focal part going forward. Considering I was waiting for a worldwide audience of readers and I have attained the threshold level, its time to step on the gas…time to come out with more paradigm changing papers…Promise you will not be disappointed.

Tutorials: Free high quality masters level tutorials will be released here. World class knowledge at your fingertips. This would be an evolving part so lets see how this one pans out although would love your suggestions and feedback.

Well Being: Disappointed on personal front. The reason being could not judiciously structure by time table and guess have gained 6 kg in a couple of months.

What Dude? I thought you are The Quintessential Dude

Hey man I aspire to be The Quintessential Dude…Thats my benchmark I am an Evolving Dude…Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose…

But Dude then who is your benchmark…Its myself…My benchmark is myself. Hmm…

Is it not the same for everyone?…The whole point of unhappiness in our lives is that we keep on bench marking our happiness, achievements with others/peers…In the end the benchmark is always yourself…Will come to this at a later date.

But hey always aim high…Aim for Moon you might get Eiffel Tower but aim for a Four Stored Building and you will get Peanuts…Aim backed by determination and baby steps towards your goal. Hey be careful…consistency is the best mantra…Take it slow…Thats the best path and customize it according to your own taste.

Lets put a measure to my physical target…In a months time reduce by 4-5 kg and build lot of muscles…Time to do extreme exercises and other sports. Hey that’s not the Middle Path...I know but for now its the best path..Need to use my body as a punching hammer for the better of mankind…How Dude? Would challenge concepts in Bodybuilding to resurrect the best way of Hey Man I am a bit of Maverick…Sort of non conformist…time to test endurance so I can share the best with all of you out there. So if you are lighthearted this section is going to be a bumpy ride and you might want to skip this section. Just kidding…Please Read…So all folks out there, its time for me to start experimentation back with my body, stretch it to my limit and share the results with all of you out there…

Spiritually this year has been a good year considering my second visit to Bodhgaya and a few other spiritual places which I always wanted to go…FAIR to say that I tried at optimum level to meditate, be mindful and self aware, remove my impurities of mind. But much more needs to done. Not happy with some reoccurring habits but no worries… Lot of focus on my own spiritual growth…time for deep meditation and mindfulness

So The Dude will say Accept…Adapt…Reinvent…Innovate…   

To wrap up, 2015 was a comeback year for myself after my spiritual sabbatical in this mad mad world. Did fine under the circumstances. But its time to Innovate…Personally and Professionally… The best part is my mother is happy…Really Dude…The Dude smiles…More times than not…The moments were much more in 2015 than those in 2014…But a lot needs to be done

I Came Back…Started Alone…Staggered…Feel Down…Again Got Up…Accepted… Reinvented…Tried To Be Mindful…Succeeded Sometimes…Learnt Sometime…Won Respect…Again Fell…Again Got Up…Innovated…  


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