Great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Homage


” One Day I will live in a country where people are not judged by color of their skin but content of their character” Iconic Words of Great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr

JANUARY 15 WAS THE 50TH BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF Great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, one of the greatest Humanitarians and civil activist of all time whose tireless effort to fight racism and social justice will continue to inspire billions of people. His untimely death did not stop the vision of an equitable world regardless of color and his contributions in civil rights moment are priceless. The YouTube link to his iconic speech I have A Dream is below. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr not only stood for appraising the world about social rights of African Americans but also about well being and harmony among all. Martin Luther King, Jr, a Christian minister, epitomized compassion and brotherhood by following path of Non Violence…

Must watch video below. One of the most inspirational and eloquent speeches ever delivered in the modern era.

Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi has written very insightful article to pay homage to Rev Martin Luther King. 

The Revolutionary Message of Martin Luther King Jr.

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