Jai Hind…Martyrs…Pathankot

World salutes all the Indian Armed Personals and civilians Martyrs who died in terrorist attacks on Mother India. The video here is by one of the most prolific singers in India Lata Mangeshkar and is a tribute about sacrifices especially of Armed Forces Personals who died defending India. 


Corporal Shailabh Gaur Was Shot Six Times In The Pathankot Attacks, But Kept Fighting

1514588_952057504893285_8157600045413153824_nGursevak Singh, the martyr of the Pathankot attacks, was the first to come in contact with the terrorists. After he was shot, Shailabh and Katal who made the second team, marched ahead to fight off enemy fire. Shailabh took six bullets in his lower abdomen but continued fighting.

In spite of bleeding profusely, he showed immense bravery in the face of death. He didn’t abandon his post, and along with his partner Katal, kept the fire-fight on for nearly an hour without replenishment or back-up.

Refer http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/corporal-shailabh-gaur-was-shot-six-times-in-the-pathankot-attacks-but-kept-fighting-249220.html

sewak1_1451884711 994717_954803287933264_8958923008830466091_n

Gursewak had just got married 45 days before he died in the Pathankot attack. He and his wife had  aright to live a happy life like everyone in the world…http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/martyred-garud-commando-gursewak-singh-was-married-just-45-days-ago-idolised-bhagat-singh-pathankotattack-249051.html


Close your eyes and think they could have been your sons, brothers, husbands and your mentors….

Their sacrifice should never be forgotten…

To be continued…

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