February…Spiritual Sabbatical…Yoga Vacation…Sivananda Ashram

10371762_1701540153424349_3244653987282063412_nHello Everyone

Greetings!!! Ahoy Ahoy Ahoy…

Good to connect again. I am on spiritual sabbatical again and just got back from Sivananada Ashram in Kerala from Yoga Vacation. GUESS will not be posting much in March which is continuation of my spiritual sabbatical. Sivananda special is coming up…

Yoga thanks to Great Sage Patanjali and Swami Sivananda…

The month of February was a fantastic month for Thequintessentialdude.com in a way. This month for the first time views of the WEBSITE from USA overtook views from India…A game changer which I have been waiting for sometime… 

Till now there have been 851 views with 481 visitors down from the 2000 plus views last month and less than the average views of about 1500 but USA for the first time comes on the top…Thats Fantastic…Jesus loves me…Of course Abraham Lincoln is with me…

USA                  277

India                 228

United Kingdom  58

Brazil                55

Canada              29

Australia            18

Singapore          14

France               12

China Inc. HK      16

Spain/ Italy         7

Netherlands / Mexico   6

Nepal     5

Nigeria/ South Africa/ Portugal/ Japan   4

The list is very exhaustive ( so would not go into all of them) with even two views from Pakistan…Suriname and Rwanda open their account. Venezuela comes in handy, which is great considering the most beautiful women are residing there ( taking the number of Miss Universe and other beauty pageant winners from there…)… Fantastic I am still a Bacheloreeee…

Very happy my website/blog is become visible in Japan and hopefully will become a big part of my global readership…

Canada comes out as the Breakout Nation after sometime and I am so happy.

My website now has been accessed in every continent (almost every nation) except Antarctica (how do I make it accessible there as well… but seriously)….Not bad at all…

In the end humanity loves me…

My website is victory of mankind and all kind…Lets see where it goes…

Look out for the exhaustive coverage of Sivananda Ashram, Kerala and exclusive videos on Nishworld: The Middle Path Facebook page…

The Quintessential Dude: The Dude who follows words of Lord Buddha


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