Announcement…Very Important

Hello Everyone

All data has been corrupted on my Laptop due to Cerber Ransomware. A hilarious group which has encrypted all data on my computer and justifies its existence by claiming that its not a virus. The only way to get access to your data is by purchasing their software. I will do a  recovery and restore back my laptop.

Fantastic is it not. Encrypt all the data and then force people to buy decryption key…Holy Cow…

Its good I had taken a back up of some of my data and the reason for loss of data shall be looked judiciously at a later date. No need to waste time with people who are already wasted in life.

There will be some delay in publishing my next article on MahaBodhi Monastery, Narsipura, Bangalore. Many videos have already been uploaded so no worries there. The delay with regards to the article  is unintentional and the article on Mahabodhi will be very informative as and when it will be published.

MahaBodhi Monastery will be my last major coverage and article since the website will go through a major revamp. In about 7 months, the website is accessed and rad around the world which is quite an achievement considering very limited  marketing. Going forward the website will focus more on research, tutorials and  something which I always ASPIRED TO DO…teaching through videos.

I would soon approach Venture Capitalists for funding and would appreciate if anyone could connect me to angel investors/ venture capitalists in America. Moreover I am very busy with my own project now. There will be delay in posting more work until I have revised my website. The website is iterative and hence totally based on feedback of my readers around the world.

The purpose of the website was set across different parameters and most of them have been achieved. With a lot of impetus around the world, its time to take it to another level and make the website more professional.

So Mahabodhi will be my last article for sometime as the website goes through a makeover with a renewed focus on research and tutorials.


Stay tuned…


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