March where we stand

March statistics of this website is shared here

There were 1041 views around the world with 625 visitors in March. India leads with 396 views followed by US 281 and Brazil 54. Brazil is a huge surprise. Canada and UK have started to feature inconsistently in top 5, but to make it more consistent. 

The strange analysis is that the website has about on an average 1000 to 1100 views per month globally which means there must be many regular readers considering no marketing initiative has been used of the late. Marketing expenses have been negligible so lets assume that we have about 20% of regular readers here and an incremental 10% of new readers. The next phase is that we need to take it to at least 2000 views per month.

Taking statistics into account, it is very strange that there are only 145 subscribers. Incremental readership is not translating to visible subscriber-ship.

The only conclusion here is that many readers don’t want to subscribe although they read regularly and maybe many are just keeping track of my articles…Leave it your imagination…

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