Words of Buddha: Access To Insight, Maha Satipattana Sutta and Ven. Bhikkhu Analyao

downloadMany people have often asked me where they could read words of Buddha in Pali canon.

Access To Insight

Accesstoinsight.org is the best free website in the world wherein you have English translations of many discourses of Buddha recorded in Pali canon. Some of the most prominent monks in Theravada tradition have translated many suttas of Buddha. The website is very user friendly with discourses indexed according to name of sutta, author etc. This website is a must read for everyone who wants to know about Buddha and his teachings.

Other notable websites include Buddhanet.net.

downloadBuddha’s meditation and mindfulness techniques are based on discourse of Buddha in a sutta known as MahaSattipattana Sutta. There are many books which have translated this sutta but the best in my opinion and known around the world is Satipatthana The Direct Path to Liberation by Venerable Bhikkhu Analayo. The book was recommended by a very senior teacher from Vipassana tradition and found the book to be very insightful. Ven Analyao is of German origin who was ordained in Theravada tradition of Buddhism both in Thailand and Sri Lanka. The book is very detailed about mindfulness including mindfulness of physical awareness, awareness of thoughts, awareness about feelings in Pali known as Vedana and awareness of dhammas. The book is a must read for everyone and is one of the most revered books on Buddha’s MahaSattipattana sutta around the world.

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