Movie on Venerable Xuanzang to be released this month

12195768_666537076822704_8803565184856022849_nThe much anticipated movie of Venerable Xuanzang will be released in India on 29 April. Please read my article on Venerable Xuanzang which I had posted here sometime back. Venerable Xuanzang is one of the most venerated monks, explorer, scholar and writer par excellence who traveled from China to India to learn about Buddha’s teachings. He is also credited to have written one of the most authentic books on socio and political environment prevailing in India at that point of time.  His contributions to humanity are timeless and Venerable Xuanzang is not only one of foremost spiritual leaders for both India and China but also a cultural icon. Venerable Xuanzang was also greatly influenced as well as brought up in Sage Confucius teaching’s correctly known as Master Kong or Kong Fuzi and in Chinese known as Venerable Kongzi. Master Kong teaching’s are recorded in timeless Analects while ethics of living recorded in his book Book of Rites. The wisdom in Analects are timeless and eternal. ( Fu here is as a mark of respect for the spiritual master)

One of the most expected Biopic in the history of cinema, the movie titled Monk Xuang Zang, is the first joint Sino India collaboration with an estimated budget of USD 22 mn. China’s state owned production company Chinese Film Corporation (CFC) and leading Indian film entity Eros International have teamed up for Monk Xuang Zang. The movie chronicles the seventeen year journey of Venerable XuangZang in the 7th century to India.

Huang Xiaoming is playing the much coveted role of Venerable Xuanzang, has huge expectations on his shoulders. The movie will be very closely reviewed by myself and released worldwide across different media channels. This is truly a special movie and hopefully is released on 29th April. The movie is made in Mandarin and the dubbed Hindi version will be released in India. The concern here is how much the dubbed Hindi version will be authentic to the actual dialogues in Mandarin. I hope that a English substitutes is released along with the Mandarin version.

(140917) -- NEW DEHLI, Sept. 17, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping (L) rotates a spinning wheel that was once used by Mahatma Gandhi as he visits Gandhi's former residence along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) in Gujarat, India, Sept. 17, 2014. Xi Jinping visited the state of Gujarat on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng) (lmm)

It would be wrong to say that the movie is of immense importance for India and China only considering the profound influence of Ven. Xuanzang’s expedition and travel on the whole world. Considering Ven. Xuanzang’s expedition include Nalanda which was the world’s first truly international university ( read about Nalanda on this blog) and its spiritual, educative, cultural and socio importance as a center of learning, this movie should epitomizes the prevailing mindset existing around the world esp. India and China.

The movie is a must watch for everyone in India and China considering it is going to be a highly educative movie. The movie not only has spiritual value but both historic and cultural as well and shall foster close cultural ties between the two countries and world considering it is a movie dedicated to humanity. Ven. Xuanzang traveled all the way to India, in one of the most arduous journey in order to learn about Buddha’s teachings which is true but also to facilitate close cultural ties among the two great ancient civilizations. He came to Nalanda to also learn and exchange views on the latest in science which included astronomy, mathematics among other subjects. Also to add a bit here Venerable Kongzi was a brilliant mathematician himself.  

Venerable Xuanzang’s journey is a journey of science, journey of spiritualism, journey of mankind considering he had come for the betterment of not only China but also India and the world…journey of courage & character, journey which left a lot for the posterity…Its a journey of humanity…And Triumph 

On a lighter note, another movie being directed through Sino-Indo collaboration is about KungFu Yoga starring Jackie Chan…Not surprised at all…Would be interesting to see how this movie develops considering Jackie’s penchant for humor…Look forward to watch this as well…

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