Drought in Maharashtra, India

On a sad note, there is severe drought in Maharashtra, India resulting in deaths of many farmers. The government did a good job in containing the crises and now its on everyone of us in Maharashtra to do our bit. We could start my being more mindful when we use water. If we all use 100 % of water, we could use a bit less lets say reduce 5 % of our intake and slowly we can reduce our consumption judiciously. Slow, steadily and collectively we can make a sizable difference within two weeks. Nothing is going to happen overnight but even a 20% reduction in water consumption by maybe 20% of urban population in our state will matter immensely and best is if we all do it within two weeks.

Mathematically lets say our present consumption is 100. We cut down our consumption by 10% in the first week and 10% thereafter in the next week. So over two weeks period we cut consumption by 20% which is easily achievable.  Some of you if you can do more, its even better.

This year many natural calamities have happened around the world and we should share our loving kindness with people who are affected. Lets make  a better future together.

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