Plan Going Ahead…

Going forward for the next three months I would be featuring a major article or activity per month which would capture the essence of Michigan primarily University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and maybe other satellite places like Dearborn, Lansing and Flint. Detroit and areas surrounding Detroit will also feature. Detroit was the cusp of industrial revolution in the last century and played a fundamental role in industrialization of economies around the world. The city has huge untapped potential which will be explored in detail sometime. (The depth of the article will totally depend on my bandwidth and no promises there)

I have major plans for the next few months depending on my time availability and will include articles, research papers, book reviews and videos exploring celebration of human achievement, exuberance and innovation. Will keep on updating the vision of Founding Fathers of America including some superlative anecdotes from their lives which will be inspirational and motivational for one and all. The whole feature encompasses celebration of scientific, humanitarian, educational and spiritual achievement which form the essence of my major work…United States of America: the Quintessential Country of Modern Era  


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