Chicago: Museums, Planetarium and Aquarium…Cultural Ecosystem

img_20161228_131242840We journey through some of the museums, planetarium and Aquarium in Chicago. Chicago is known as the windy city. The name is a misnomer since although the city is known for high winds but its name comes from the fact that statesmen and politicians from Illinois were know to be a a bit long winded in their speeches… as a matter of fact even I am a bit long winded and our profile matches. Love Illinois considered by many as the great cultural microcosm of America.

img_20161228_144619788Adler Planetarium although not the biggest in US or the World captures an enviable history of science and astronomy of universe. The visit includes two movies which you can watch during your visit to the planetarium. The movies are a regular feature in all the museums you visit in Chicago and view a very informative panoramic view about the subject matter at hand. The planetarium is located over multiple floors with many floors having sections with themes.


Adler img_20161228_143645755Planetarium is located in Museum park which also includes Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium with Chicago Art Museum and Millennium Park not far away. Navy img_20161228_142620431Pier another melting pot for tourists which includes dinning and bars is about a mile or two away. The visit to the planetarium needs at least four hours  to experience the place in
entirety. I loved the small 10 minute presentation about the stars especially the American guide who was up-most funny, knowledgeable and full of panache. Inset photo with American Guide and the meteorite which felt like  apiece of iron. I was short on time so could not eimg_20161228_145803122xplore the planetarium at my own leisure place and plan to visit it gain if I do get an opportunity. The place also has two in house dinning places and you get choice of pizzas, burgers apart from other options. The place has a view overlooking Lake Michigan which a view to die for.


img_20161228_143826092I would sincerely advice to take a day off and visit the place. The best way to approach the place would be to grab the plan for the planetarium and systemically visit all the sections with enough time to watch two movies. The movies are about 20 to 30 minutes in length and very informative. This is truly triumph of Americans which is to creatively bring science to common people.

To be continued…

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