Hey Everyone

Good to be back here after a long time and my apologies to my fans out there who have been accessing my website for sometime. No worries, many articles would be coming out, in my usual hilarious, holistic style. Update on my blog: 283 visitors this month with India edging out US. Not bad since I have not written anything after my superlative experience at Chicago city.

There will be articles on Equanimity with a special feature on Jesus and Mother Mary. Many spiritual masters would be covered  over a period of time under this section.

A special section on movies is coming up due to popular demand. Going forward, I would be known as Cool Dude rather than Quintessential Dude. The moniker “Quintessential Dude” brings about a lot of unrealistic pressure. In America if you want to be popular you have to be a cool in a politically correct sense and its time to take a new avatar.

But Hey Dude, Cool dudes are no way politically correct. Forget about Dude its time for Hey Jude…Beatles




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