I have planned out a few articles in the coming weeks ahead. The website has 17,369 hits worldwide with US leading readership by a comfortable margin over the next country i.e. India. The good part is that for about 9 months, I did not write much and this is without any kind of advertising. I had initially advertised a bit through Facebook and the traffic on my website is more through referral, google search etc. This website is my personal triumph and has a story behind it.

Pittsburgh Special would include a detailed article on my visit as well as cover up Quintessential American Spirit. Pittsburgh Special will be one of my break out articles for some time with a philosophical message. Its going to take a lot of time and would include videos but it worth it. This might be the last article on any of my visits and would be a personal triumph of American Dream. Initially it was intended to be  a separate article but will combine the two. A special on Sri Lanka, a beautiful pristine  country is also pending from my end.

Amazon completed 20 years anniversary of listing and the stock price touched $ 1000 with 300% annualized return. This will be tech special. Amazon was struggling to make money when I was doing my first masters degree in India about 16 years ago but over the years it transformed B2C segment with consistent innovation in technology and supply chain. Amazon along with Alphabet (Google), Microsoft  and APPLE among others have defined an era but this article would be about Amazon. Alphabet is my favorite technology company and maybe will look into it at a a later date.

University of Michigan is celebrating its bicentennial event and I am volunteering for some work. This would also be covered a bit here as a consulting article on  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Yoga special is also coming up. There would be then some articles on macroeconomics and social impact and the article on Equanimity: Jesus and Mother Mary  which I need to write soon.  I would write about  the genesis of this website and retire for writing for sometime. I need funding for this website and doesn’t make sense to write so  much and give free knowledge. Have to finalize the future of this website.

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