Mindfulness in Ann Arbor

Mindfulness is very popular in Ann Arbor, I realized this about a week back. I checked about it on web and came across many different centers involved in mindfulness. UMICH also has a session every week. I am very thankful to someone whom I met recently, for  informing me about the same. Good to know…

1 thought on “Mindfulness in Ann Arbor

  1. The Mindfulness that the west teaches is not what the Enlightened One taught, but more of what the spiritual teachers taught prior to the time of Buddha. The usual trend in west is about concentrating on the object without wavering of the mind leading to ultimate concentration. But this does not remain once you come out of the meditation session. In the case of the teachings of Buddha Mindfulness is that which leads to sublime awareness and where the SOTHA or the defiling of craving, aversion and delusion is totally controlled. Then the person with development of wisdom will ultimately dam the flow of sotha or the defiling in the mind and thus to the ultimate of Nibbana.


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