Social Innovation in UMICH

Recently walked into a entrepreneurship meet at University of Michigan and meet some wannabe entrepreneurs. I had read a report which mentioned the disparity between men and women enrolling for science degree in US and had been contemplating how to reduce inequity. I was pleasantly surprised that a young lady, is planning to encourage science among middle school students. We had an animated chat and really liked her idea on popularizing science as cool and entertaining career. Many students do not pursue science just because they feel its not cool and thats needs to be addressed at an early stage in life. I loved her clarity of thinking and when she mentioned that she knew she would pursue  a career in science, because she was so passionate about the same, I knew she was so correct. It always good to motivate rather than force students into careers which they will never enjoy. Remember you will at-least work 10 hours per day in your job after your degree, your job will become a part of your life, so better do that you enjoy otherwise you will be miserable. More on this in a detailed article soon.

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