Marriage, Women and Abortion

I have been asked many times whether I believe in abortion. Recently I filled up a survey as well. Yes of-course I support abortion, no two ways about it. I share here an interesting perspective.  When an Asian esp. Indian says that they want to marry another Indian, its is assumed that the person is traditional. When a white person says that they want to marry or date a fellow white person, it is assumed they are racist. I find this line of thinking very funny. Many people in US have already assumed that I will settle down with an Indian and this is coming from some Americans. Not one but a handful. Not sure how they assumed it. Some of my very good friends at one point in time married and are very happy with foreigners. The question whether I like children, is irrelevant since its alluding to whether I want to have kids and I don’t speculate. When someone asks the question why you are not married, the best answer is that I did not meet the right person. Opposite sex is a force of nature, you never know when you fall in love and meet someone special. Right way to look at it would be to say that I prefer to be in a relationship and see from where it goes. One of my good friend, has been in a very successful relationship for more than a decade and they are very happy. I guess that the best answer and yes, if I do marry we will have kids. I am writing this here so that if I am asked this question again, I will refer the person to my blog. At least traffic to my website will increase.  In America, sadly people associate people in a binary space i.e. either you are conservative or liberal. I believe in abortion but not in legalizing Marijuana. Life is not so easy…The answer is always somewhere in the middle. Coming back to women, you must date a person who believes in you and respects you. We will look into this in a detailed and philosophical manner at a latter date.

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