Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Tech Trek, Free Education and Visionary Nish’s Recommendation

Its festive time at Ann Arbor. Month long Ann Arbor festival includes cultural activities which range from live music, movies, martial arts and much more. A great melting point for everyone in Michigan.

Tech Trek networking event brought about 40 tech companies in Ann Arbor to showcase innovation and opportunities. Someone updated me that University of Michigan would offer free tuition to in state students earning for families earning up-to $65000. This is a superlative decision and hopefully can be replicated by all public universities in US. This is one way to address education inequity in US.

Nish Policy Change Recommendation: One more thing the government can do is to increase funding to public universities. University of Michigan is receiving only 16% in funding from all forms of government aid/ grants which is down from all time high of 74%.  US government must step up the funding to all public universities and make sure the contribution is greater than 50%. This would help the government to focus on research areas that are of national interest rather than making it market driven. Second, it will help Americans and international students to focus on research areas they are passionate about. This would further aid a collaborative culture among students, making education more fun and cool. This is one of the most important legacies of US and its founding fathers. US belongs to middle class and if my vision is enacted, so much innovation is going to proliferate in US that its going to become replete with  Innovation. I have a vision to take US on space exploration to other galaxies…A step ahead of Elon Musk’s vision.

Leave you with iconic lighthouse tower with its majestic radiance spreading in the darkness.

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