Recap of last month and articles this month

Last month the website/blog  had 708 views with 349 visitors. This would include a few views of website from my mobile phone.  The break according to countries is as follows: US leads with 515 views. 

US 515, India 89, Canada 11, UK 11, Sri Lanka 10, Australia 8, France 5, Spain 4, ( Nepal, China, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey, Netherlands 3), ( Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Switzerland 2),  ( Belgium, Poland, Pakistan, Chile, Kenya, Sweden, Austria, Vietnam,  Bhutan, Jordan, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Afghanistan, EU, Iceland 1).

I am trying to analyse the profile of the readers based on request and inquisitiveness from my end. I only get analytics report country-wise on the articles and page accessed here.

I need to spend some money on advertising this month to create more visibility and not sure how many visitors regularly read until I have access to better analytics.  The good part is that I did not write many articles and although views are below the average views of 1500 (when I wrote a lot more articles or shared my research), it is still a measurable impact. There are many articles, research papers and tutorials across range of topics that it would take maybe more than a month to read them. The breakout article last month was US Equity Markets, Technology, Innovation and Wage Growth: Part 1 which was also posted on LinkedIn and had more than 100 views. On this blog, Social Impact & Entrepreneurship was the most accessed new article.

This month, there would be many more articles featuring on the following topics.

Social Impact and related topics

Financial Markets

Innovation and Technology 

Qualitative Assessment & Behavioral Analysis 


Travel: Sri Lanka

Americans and many around the world love trilogy (my favorite Batman series, Bourne series) so  US Equity Markets, Technology, Innovation and Wage Growth: Part 2 would be released this month).




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