Jesus and Mother Mary: Epitome of Equanimity; An eternal example

Absolute serenity and compassion reflected on his angelic handsome face as the world around him collapsed. Compassion and radiance emitted from him as invectives and other forms of abuse were hurled at him. Calm, composed and full of serenity, Jesus of Nazareth was the epitome of equanimity. 

Equanimity is tranquility of mind regardless of vicissitudes of life. The only thing constant in life is change and acceptance of change with the calmness of mind defines the greatness of a person. Jesus stood as a paragon and beacon of equanimity. Equanimity helps you to build courage, compassion, and truthfulness. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is Within Us. He meant mental peace and happiness is not related to changes in life but within us.

Bible: Know Thyself …

Jesus meant here to be mindful of oneself. Jesus was mindful all time in his life and led as an example. And so did Mother Mary. Mother Mary stood till the end with Jesus with equanimity and compassion, sharing her loving kindness with Jesus. Their bond is eternal and will always be discussed with admiration regardless of nationality, religion and other sectarian beliefs. It’s endlessly inspirational.

An equanimous mind is not reactive to outward stimuli and this helps in maintaining the calmness of mind. A calm mind is full of courage, brotherhood, and peace. Equanimity is not only one of the greatest virtues but also the most difficult to carry out and build in life. Equanimity aids in building other virtues. Equanimity helps in developing courage, determination, and bountiful Puritan love. If you worship Jesus and Mother Mary or their life inspires you, then this is one virtue one must build over a period of life. Puritan principles of Jesus are full of love, compassion, courage, and equanimity among others virtues.

To build equanimity is not easy since equanimity will come and go but to accept the loss of equanimity is a step in the right direction. I had mentioned sometime back that I would be writing an article on the same topic. I had originally intended to write a more detailed version but to bring out essence or quintessence is more important.

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