How to make website on ?

In this article we will look at the process involved in developing a website like the one here on WordPress. It’s very simple and mechanical and would not take more than five hours to understand and learn the complexities involved in developing the site. 

First, there are many products out there like Wix apart from WordPress which provides a  platform to develop website. I chose WordPress since it’s the most popular platform in India. There are many videos on YouTube to learn and understand the art of building websites. I referred to some of them when I was trying to build one of my own. Please feel free to access the videos. They are very informative, elaborate and insightful.

WordPress gives you two choices to develop website. One of them is to make it using which gives  a lot of flexibility in customizing your site. All websites need a hosting site and gives you the option to find your own hosting. This also gives you the flexibility to add more plugins and customize the website, however it is also more cumbersome. On the other hand, WordPress which is where I developed the website serves as a one-stop shop providing hosting service and themes to customize the website.  There  are a few plans giving differential services . WordPress has a dashboard which includes a support system which aids in applying for domain names. WordPress assists you in registering for website names for prices which could range between $10 to $20 per year. The domain name is mapped by the support staff and you have the flexibility to buy number of domain names including mapping two or more domain names to the same website. After mapping the domain to your account, the art of developing the website begins.

To make a simple website, WordPress offers many free website designs or the flexibility to buy website themes. Every theme has the feature to add plugins. The first step after selecting website theme, would be to develop pages. Blackened system gives the flexibility to decide independent pages as well as link pages to the mother page. The process is very simple akin to clicking links on the back-end system to develop a new page. There is also a choice to develop new categories. Everything is very automated and this limits the flexibility to customize your website.

Flexibility to design your website, solely rests on the type of theme selected. Some themes have inbuilt modes of adding new features. Widgets are one of the most important part of building a visually appealing website. For example, I added Facebook, Twitter and Gallery  features using widgets available. Themes also have inbuilt feature of adding widget in selective spaces on the website. For e.g. it could be at both sides of the website or at various places at the bottom of page. All WordPress dashboard have a link to write and post articles. WordPress provides both free and paid analytics to discern your readership. I have access to free analytics and get data on articles accessed in different countries, most assessed page, articles etc. My website has only one dynamic page which works like a blog. It doesn’t harm to learn html language since its aids in developing more features to your website. In a nutshell, developing a website from scratch is not very difficult but sustaining it through thoughtful and well researched articles over the years requires a dedicated perseverance, knowledge, research and focus, which is triumph of humanity…




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