One for Christmas

Today is Christmas and day of celebration for about 2.5 million Christians. I follow Buddha and as a spiritualist take Christmas for its festive spirit of togetherness, loving-kindness, sharing, and joy. Around the world, it brings people together in celebration and this article is written with secular spirit.

Seattle does not receive heavy snow, however, it snowed like cats and dogs yesterday. The feeling of Xmas is incomplete without snow. Its good I went to a small potluck gathering to celebrate Xmas. It’s interesting that one of the discussions I had with people is why do we greet everyone Merry Xmas and not Happy Xmas. Google answers everything so its good to search for an answer.

I want to share an amazing experience on this day. While I was in Ann Arbor, I occasionally visited a Methodist church on Sunday to practice meditation. On Sundays, some people used to come to meditate for an hour in complete silence. Once there was a problem with my eyes and I had to rinse them with contact solution. I was not carrying the solution and was not sure where to go for meditation. I requested the young pastor to help me. He took me into his office, gave me the solution to rinse my eyes and helped me settle down. I noticed the pastor was subtle and measured in our interaction and was very impressed by his equanimity and composure.  He left to preach in the morning gathering while I went my way to attend the one-hour meditation. I noticed he was very mindful of his speech, compassionate and exemplified the spirit of Jesus and its worth sharing today.

Have a Merry Christmas…

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