About The Author

Nishant Malhotra is the founder of the social impact start-up Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd, a social enterprise enabling social change and impact within the society. The platform The middle Road (wwww.themiddleroad.org) has an online media and e-publication, which includes a guest feature and an online community. The start-up Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd includes an ed-tech section along with a social consulting and knowledge management practice.

Inspired by the seventeen United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals; the mission of the platform is to educate and promote knowledge, ideas, and enable sustainable change through synergistic themes on finance & economics, science & technology, art & culture, and fitness & well-being. As a thought leader, The middle Road synergizes all actors within the development sector for a measurable impact.

Nishant wears many hats and has extensive experience in the financial services sector. Multifaceted & multi-dimensional, he has worked in banking, personal care, education, technology, and as a volunteer in the social sector.