Dhamma Pakasa, Rockford, Illinois, New Year Resolutions and Way Ahead

img_20170101_075057013_hdrIn Chicago I came to know about Dhamma Pakasa, a Vipassana center near Rockford, Illinois and immediately decided to visit the place and spend New Year in the meditation center.

Rockford used to be the second most populous city in Illinois and is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago depending on the traffic. It a very scenic place and well laid American town which yimg_20161229_134452737ou usually see in Hollywood movies. I loved the space around town and Dhamma Pakasa (http://www.pakasa.dhamma.org) was about 20
minute drive from the Van Galder bus station. Van Galder is a very comfortable bus journey and
you can catch the bus from Downtown Chicago (Union Station) or Chicago O’Hare station. Continue reading

Venerable Ajahn Chah

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16 January marked the 24th anniversary of Venerable Ajahn Chah leaving his mortal body. Venerable Ajahn Chah was one of the foremost Theravada monk of Thai tradition and widely considered an Arahant. (Arahant means Enlightened, a person who has become Enlightened following the path and teachings of Lord Buddha). Venerable Ajahn Chah is founder of two Thai Forrest monasteries specially Wat Nong pah Pong Continue reading

RECAP 2015…A Journey Back in Time

Highlights of 2015…A Journey Back in Time 

Videos and Pics highlighting the journey since the blog was opened. The pics and videos are from the places visited around India and abroad, articles and research papers published here which compass peace, harmony, well being, creativity, innovation, TECHNOLOGY, Science and Spiritualism…

Picture is worth a thousand words and  priceless.
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Footsteps of Buddha: Kushinagar: Parinirvana

20150320_121615All conditioned things are impermanent. Strive on with diligence ( for your liberation)” Last words of Buddha.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sama Sambuddhassa 

 Kushinagar is one of the most important places for anyone on the path of Enlightenment following footsteps of Buddha. The best way for a backpacker to go to Kushinagar is to take a bus from Gorakhpur. It is in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and touches Bihar. Remember you can go to Lumbini from Gorakhpur. Kushinagar is a very small place and about 2 hrs by bus from 20150320_081339Gorakhpur. This is from my trip which I took sometime back. Continue reading

Bodhgaya: MahaBodhi Temple; Final Days

12227658_669371696539242_3836734087721995221_nAfter we came back from Nalanda, we all ( Fred, Sarah, his mother and myself ) went to MahaBodhi temple to pay our respects. Side Pic the idol inside the temple.  Fred’ mother was wearing expensive shoes and we can forgotten to deposit the same in the shoe counter. As we left behind the shoes at the open shoe stand near the temple, I told Fred’s mother not to worry. Nothing is lost from such a holy place and we were right. 10408797_666315300178215_6011010915472759802_n

Soon Fred left for Varanasi with his family and we exchanged pleasantries. I was so happy to meet such an intelligent person and lovely couple and felt a close connection with his mother. Wishing them a safe journey, I continued my regular visit to MahaBodhi temple. Soon a new guy came in to stay in the dorm. I learnt his name was Cameron and he had come from America looking for peace and spirituality to India.

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Venerable Xuanzang: Essence Of An Exemplary Explorer & Monk


Venerable Xuanzang” I will rather die going to the west than living in the east”

” A country which knows its true history, is a country which stays together” Nish The Dude

Sometime in 7th Century BC 

A monk with oriental features was walking with alacrity through extreme harsh conditions. Calm and serenity on his handsome face beguiling a true grit determination to find the answers he was looking for…a journey of truth which he had undertaken which will take him through Afghanistan, Pakistan to India..The land of Lord Buddha. He had decided to take this impossible journey to find out the true teaching of Lord Buddha and find answer to many questions which still remained unanswered. He was deeply motivated by the travels of the great Chinese monk Faxian and motivated by Emperor of Taizong of Tang Dynasty in China. Continue reading