Who Reads My Blog? Maybe Mark Zuckerberg

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that he might be interested in running for US President office in the near future. This is great news. My website/ blog has been accessed 18,660 times globally and it’s getting better.

I had published an article in 2015 on Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. I had praised Mark and his wife for their philanthropy and discusses many things in detail. As a mark of respect, I had suggested Bill Gates run for the US President. Bill Gates is senior and thought it would be a better idea to give him the honor first. I am so happy that Mark Zuckerberg at least is thinking in this direction. It’s sad that the US which leads the world in innovation has yet to give a leader from Silicon Valley.  If it does happen, it would be a global paradigm shift with peace around the world.

The profile of the readers of my blog is highly eclectic and educated. Analytics from LinkedIn for similar articles show the propensity of readership from financial services and technology. Many people with interest in spirituality and well-being often visit the blog.  More on this later.


Jesus and Mother Mary: Epitome of Equanimity; An eternal example

Absolute serenity and compassion reflected on his angelic handsome face as the world around him collapsed. Compassion and radiance emitted from him as invectives and other forms of abuse were hurled at him. Calm, composed and full of serenity, Jesus of Nazareth was the epitome of equanimity.  Continue reading

Dhamma Pakasa, Rockford, Illinois, New Year Resolutions and Way Ahead

img_20170101_075057013_hdrIn Chicago I came to know about Dhamma Pakasa, a Vipassana center near Rockford, Illinois and immediately decided to visit the place and spend New Year in the meditation center.

Rockford used to be the second most populous city in Illinois and is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago depending on the traffic. It a very scenic place and well laid American town which yimg_20161229_134452737ou usually see in Hollywood movies. I loved the space around town and Dhamma Pakasa (http://www.pakasa.dhamma.org) was about 20
minute drive from the Van Galder bus station. Van Galder is a very comfortable bus journey and
you can catch the bus from Downtown Chicago (Union Station) or Chicago O’Hare station. Continue reading

RECAP 2015…A Journey Back in Time

Highlights of 2015…A Journey Back in Time 

Videos and Pics highlighting the journey since the blog was opened. The pics and videos are from the places visited around India and abroad, articles and research papers published here which compass peace, harmony, well being, creativity, innovation, TECHNOLOGY, Science and Spiritualism…

Picture is worth a thousand words and  priceless.
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