Who Reads My Blog? Maybe Mark Zuckerberg

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that he might be interested in running for US President office in the near future. This is great news. My website/ blog has been accessed 18,660 times globally and it’s getting better.

I had published an article in 2015 on Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. I had praised Mark and his wife for their philanthropy and discusses many things in detail. As a mark of respect, I had suggested Bill Gates run for the US President. Bill Gates is senior and thought it would be a better idea to give him the honor first. I am so happy that Mark Zuckerberg at least is thinking in this direction. It’s sad that the US which leads the world in innovation has yet to give a leader from Silicon Valley.  If it does happen, it would be a global paradigm shift with peace around the world.

The profile of the readers of my blog is highly eclectic and educated. Analytics from LinkedIn for similar articles show the propensity of readership from financial services and technology. Many people with interest in spirituality and well-being often visit the blog.  More on this later.


Jesus and Mother Mary: Epitome of Equanimity; An eternal example

Absolute serenity and compassion reflected on his angelic handsome face as the world around him collapsed. Compassion and radiance emitted from him as invectives and other forms of abuse were hurled at him. Calm, composed and full of serenity, Jesus of Nazareth was the epitome of equanimity.  Continue reading

Dhamma Pakasa, Rockford, Illinois, New Year Resolutions and Way Ahead

img_20170101_075057013_hdrIn Chicago I came to know about Dhamma Pakasa, a Vipassana center near Rockford, Illinois and immediately decided to visit the place and spend New Year in the meditation center.

Rockford used to be the second most populous city in Illinois and is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago depending on the traffic. It a very scenic place and well laid American town which yimg_20161229_134452737ou usually see in Hollywood movies. I loved the space around town and Dhamma Pakasa (http://www.pakasa.dhamma.org) was about 20
minute drive from the Van Galder bus station. Van Galder is a very comfortable bus journey and
you can catch the bus from Downtown Chicago (Union Station) or Chicago O’Hare station. Continue reading

RECAP 2015…A Journey Back in Time

Highlights of 2015…A Journey Back in Time 

Videos and Pics highlighting the journey since the blog was opened. The pics and videos are from the places visited around India and abroad, articles and research papers published here which compass peace, harmony, well being, creativity, innovation, TECHNOLOGY, Science and Spiritualism…

Picture is worth a thousand words and  priceless.
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One for Nepal: Peace and Middle Path

Nepal-2I wanted to write about my trip to Lumbini, Nepal but looking at the present crisis brewing in Nepal, its prudent that I write a brief note for peace in Nepal. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal when his mother Venerable Queen MahaMaya was enroute to Nepal from Kapilavastu, is a stunningly beautiful country landlocked between China and India. Nepal has the great Mount Everest which has inspired the best of adventurers & explorers to climb and test their endurance to the maximum. Source:vault17.com

Nepal is divided into two regions: the mountain region encompassing Mount Everest and the plain on the other side also called as Terai region where the majority of Indian origin inhabitants Madhesi reside.

mnepalNepal has inducted six constitutions so far – in 1948, 1951, 1959, 1962, 1990 and 2007. The new constitution which was enforced recently was viewed as an infringement of their rights by Madhesi community. Madhesis have deep roots with Bihar, an Indian state bordering Nepal due to long inter caste marriages. The new constitution forbids children of Nepalese mothers with Foreigners in key government positions. Moreover according to a report published by Knowledge@Wharton “Terai constitutes 51% of the population of Nepal, but according to calculations, it would currently get only 62 out of a total of 165 seats“. So Madhesis are protesting by blocking all the trade related routes between India and Nepal. 

images (1)This has caused intense damage to India and Nepal’s relationship since the life in Nepal has got paralyzed due to non availability of essential items like medicine, LNG and other basic necessities.  Also Nepal had a devastating earthquake in April this year which touched 7.8 magnitude. India is Nepal’s largest trading partner and with trade embargo, important essential items like medical aid, fuel have crippled Nepalese economy.This has caused immense discomfort to common people and as an Indian I apologize. Pic Source:un.org

Due to the blockade Nepalese government signed a memorandum of understanding with PetroChina for importing Oil, LNG etc, ending 40 years of exclusive contract between IOC and Nepal Oil Corporation. This will ultimately lead to loss of revenue for IOC as well as worsen bilateral relationship between India and Nepal. (We should be thankful to China in a way for helping Nepal in distress). 

Going Forward Middle Path: India – Nepal  

India to stop the trade embargo including deploying armed forces at India border with Nepal for smooth transfer of supplies between the two countries.

trp_51359a0d2a385Second, India should not excite or aid Madhesis in any of their endeavor to cause chaos in Nepal. India which prides itself as a secular country where Lord Buddha got enlightened and preached all his life must set itself as an example. India will not tolerate any extremism either within the country or by any means in its neighboring countries. Middle Path: Communicate your concerns with relevant authorities: India has already communicated seven changes to the constitution to the Nepalese government and THE WORK FOR INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS FINISHED. Mr Modi government has done the right thing by urging Madhesis community to resolve the matter in a diplomatic manner instead of jumping around and causing chaos. By law of nature, if the constitution is not economically correct, it will be rectified.

If required India to aid Nepalese government for any collaboration to help in bringing culprits who caused disruption to Nepalese economy. The riots have resulted in 50 deaths in Nepal.

Third, India to proactively support Nepal in any philanthropic work including free medicines to people affected by recent riots and  earthquake. To set up educational institutes in Nepal through joint ventures with leading Indian institutes at a very subsidised cost and aid in free primary education.

India further to keep excellent relations with its neighbors especially China.

India’s foreign policy should be dominated by excellent relation with all its Asian neighbours backed by diplomacy, compassion and brotherhood. 

India needs to learn from its past mistakes in foreign policies especially under Indira Gandhi and apply the middle path in its dealings with neighbors.  Nepalese people are very friendly and many Gurkhas who reside in Nepal also have sacrificed their lives fighting for India.

nepal-orphansMr Modi with you at the hem of Indian politics there is especially a hope, a hope that people will get justice and greatness in any man is to grow both spiritually and intellectually and let others grow. Mr Modi has done so much in such a short time and his efforts are Much Appreciated and Deeply Respected. Let’s not involve TOO MUCH in other countries affairs, we have problems in our own country like everyone else in this Universe. I implore Nepalese government to find the Middle Path, take a relook at the new constitution and see if any concerns can be addressed and rectified. Let’s live in peace at least for the sake of these children and since India is Nepal’s biggest trading partner, keep the economic ties at its zenith. India and Nepal ties go back during the time of King Ashoka who was instrumental in cementing monasteries and pillar in Lumbini when Nepal was part of his empire. Going forward, hopefully Indian companies increase their investment in Nepal resulting in more jobs and economic progress.

Nepal thank you for Lumbini. Thank You, Thank You…We will take care of you…Nature will take care you…King Ashoka is back on Earth and has come to know about his previous births…Everything will be fine

Curious Case of Angela Merkel:: “Love thy neighbour…An Angel…Germany! Germany!””

“When it comes to humanity, we cannot make compromises” Angela Merkel

Until recently i was not particularly a big fan of Angela especially her handling of Euro Crises and indoctrination of German principles on the rest of Europe. But in the past few weeks Angela has reinvented herself and has been a paragon of humanity worldwide.

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