Quotes: Venerable Vivekananda

1436001739_swami-vivekananda-quotesOne of my favorite spiritual leaders, a philosopher and humanitarian, Swami Vivekananda or Venerable Vivekananda quotes. I have already written article about him and will mention a bit more about his humanitarian initiatives at a later date. Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest humanitarians who stressed on the importayour-body-is-a-weapon-and-consider-it-very-strongnce of
education for social equity. He followed a philosophy for both personal spiritual growth through meditation and betterment of world through his humanitarian initiatives.




Bill Gates Recommendation…Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health Paperback

Anyone interested in helping create a better world should read this book...”  Bill Gates

Have not read the book myself but a must read considering the recommendation is from none other than one of the Quintessential Humanitarians of modern era.

Presently the book is in paperback edition only and not available in India in Amazon or Flipkart. Also the kindle edition is awaited.


Movie on Venerable Xuanzang to be released this month

12195768_666537076822704_8803565184856022849_nThe much anticipated movie of Venerable Xuanzang will be released in India on 29 April. Please read my article on Venerable Xuanzang which I had posted here sometime back. Venerable Xuanzang is one of the most venerated monks, explorer, scholar and writer par excellence who traveled from China to India to learn about Buddha’s teachings. He is also credited to have written one of the most authentic books on socio and political environment prevailing in India at that point of time.  His contributions to humanity are timeless and Venerable Xuanzang is not only one of foremost spiritual leaders for both India and China but also a cultural icon. Continue reading

Sivananada Ashram, Yoga, Celebration of Life & Indian Culture

12717911_1703149883263376_3349060973278345082_nConcluding series on Sivananda Ashram. I got interested in Yoga as an Old Vipassana Meditator when I was having breathing issues and many people suggested me to consider Yoga. A fellow Vipassana meditator recommended Sivananda Ashram and thus started my Yoga journey. I write about Yoga because it helped me in my spiritual quest, has helped myself in Meditation (Annapanna), Mindfulness (Vipassana), relaxation, spiritual well being and makes my body supple. Yoga as we progress in article assists you to reach higher meditative states as well as physical harmony. The multidimensional aspect of Sivananda Ashram which is elaborated here. Continue reading

Sivananda Ashram…A Holistic Experience…The Beginning

IMG_20160209_090817_HDRTo begin with I would like to personally thank everyone in Sivananda Ashram, Kerala for allowing me to take videos of Yoga in the ashram as well as supporting my initiative. I am deeply obliged and eternally grateful.My deep loving kindness to Mr Nataraj, Director of Sivananda Ashram, Swami Janardhan and all the volunteers who selflessly work to make Sivananda Ashram a success. This was my third visit to the ashram and I am very grateful that I started my journey of Yoga from Sivananada Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Kerala. Continue reading