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I have been busy of late so not been able to write for some time. An article on Social Impact is pending and should be out by end of this week. There would be fewer articles since I need to reorganize my priorities. Stay tuned for more news…Blog hits a new milestone with almost 19,000 hits worldwide.

Mindfulness: The Craving Mind: Facebook, Smartphones and Pink Floyd

I did my own mindfulness experiment with Facebook, Smartphone, and Pink Floyd. I would be writing about the experience.

Reading a book The Craving Mind. Thanks to someone I met recently for recommending me the book. It’s a mix of mindfulness and neuroscience and a very interesting read.   A review of this book will surely be coming with my own personal experimentations with the truth.

Ann Arbor Summer Festive

Ann Arbor summer festive is going on which is for four days. I volunteered to work in the Indian stall which is promoting henna color and traditional Indian dresses. All the proceeds of sales are going to clarity. The festive includes stalls across an eclectic mix ranging from photography, food, jewelry & apparel etc. The stall is located in the religious section of the festival. I went around the State Street and thought I would write an article with videos but it’s not possible.

Articles on the list

There will be articles on how cities in the US are driving economic inclusion. Many cities in the US are driving economic inclusion through various many programs. Sweden has implemented a cashless economy at Stockholm while look at Social Finance, UK the first company to implement social impact bonds. Finally, a bit of India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s major thrust in digital inclusion.

Digital Inclusion has played a major role in eradicating poverty in Africa through microfinance and access to mobility for farmers.

Global Poverty

According to World Bank report, global poverty has reduced drastically since 1975. Today, globally 1 bn people live in poverty compared to nearly 2 bn people in 1975. The world urbanization rate is 50% and expected to grow much higher during the next decade. We will look into measures taken by governments around the world especially US in making economies inclusive,  role of fin-tech and financial inclusion etc.

Silicon Valley: Equity Inclusion

The New York Times, recently covered cases of sexual harassment of women in Silicon Valley. This is very disturbing considering  most innovative HR practices have evolved from the tech industry. One piece of statistics is very troublesome. Female entrepreneurs have been able to attract only $1.5 b funding from venture capitalists versus $58.2 b  for men. This translates to 2.5% of the total funding which is shocking. Its time to make access to seed and venture capital for all entrepreneurs more fair.